Comic #3

Give us some Sugar!

>This week's mission: [n/a]
>Weekly Goal: [$50?]


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Slight Delay!

Gravatar Posted 20:50
Sun 27 May
by oliveorange

Ahhhh guys, so sorry about the delay.
My colorist has been stuck with shitty shifts this weekend, so she wasn't able to color page 1 in time. I'll have the first page out tomorrow, promise! In the mean time, thank you guys for your patience!
I'm also going to be starting a campaign on indiegogo. Start saving your pocket change!!

I'll be working to lighten the load:

About: Weekly Goals

Gravatar Posted 21:29
Thu 03 May
by oliveorange

After the first chapter, you will see us use specific language around here mostly when dealing with donations and updates, such as weekly goals. Weekly goals are set donation goals we hope to reach. When we reach said goals before the next week, we update! You'll see a gauge on the front page that tells you how far along we are. Seeing as though we haven't established a weekly goal yet (as we're currently in the free first chapter stage), that gauge is useless. But if you want to donate anyway out of good will, we'll still update it! You can donate any amount you want over 50 cents via paypal by clicking/copy pastaing the link below or the donate button at the bottom of the page. We wanted to keep it out the way. <3

About Cup of Sugar

Gravatar Posted 19:08
Sun 29 April
by oliveorange


>oh uh 8(
I'm here to tell you what this comic is abouuuut!

A cup of sugar is a story about two teen kids who get dumped into a foreign town by their mom and probably disowned but you knoww. :'D

Varrick and Rune are shoved in a foreign apartment complex both for summer vacation and so that Rune can take a summer health class from a well renowned tutor. When it turns out that they have been also forced to stay for the rest of the year, Varrick doesn’t take it well-- especially when he realizes that there’s something off about the residents.

The purpose of this comic is to raise funds to support the TwistedFates projects and its creators, helpers, and official side projects. The intro will be free, and you guys can contribute whatever you feel is fair. When we reach a new weekly goal, we'll post the next update!

More info on how this works later. I look forward to entertaining you guys!! ;u;



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